Attention Business/Accounting Majors only!

Registration Steps for Business courses (ACG, FIN, MAR, MAN, REE, ISM, MAC2233, and/or STA2023):

Click here to print the FIU Registration form (add/drop form).

Those students needing to enroll in business/accounting courses (including accounting, management, marketing, finance, real-estate, MIS, International business, HR management, business calculus, or business statistics) must follow the instructions below:

  1. Complete, sign and list selected FIU business courses on the FIU Registration form (attached), including the 5-digit reference (class) numbers.
  2. Student’s home campus academic advisor or Dean’s signature required on the add/drop form for approval.
  3. Students must return (via fax, mail, or email) their approved add/drop form to Jamie Perez no later than: Fall-term: May & Spring-term: October. There are no guarantees that the section of your choice will be available, please provide alternate choices.
  4. Such forms will be processed by the FIU College of Business staff.
  5. Students may periodically check their online course schedule (via MyFIU student account) for verification of enrollment into selected business courses.

Important Business/Accounting Notes!

  1. Once registration is processed for business courses, if students choose to edit their schedule, the above process must be repeated.
  2. Accounting Majors: All upper division (Junior/Senior level) Accounting courses require an entrance exam as a pre-requisite which is only offered at FIU (in-person only!). Please notify the FIU-NSE office if you would need to schedule the in-person Accounting Entrance Exam. Limited dates are offered!

You may also visit the FIU College of Business web site at: .