The 2018/2019 Housing Agreement is found online via you MyFIU ( account.  It is your responsibility to review your housing needs and financial resources before signing this agreement. Please be sure to review the Terms and Conditions of the Housing Agreement.

Priority Housing Assignment deadlines for NSE students are as follows:

Fall 2018 only: June 1, 2018
Fall Year exch (Fall & Spring): June 1, 2018
Spring 2019 only: October 1, 2018

Pay close attention to the housing agreement and cancellation policies. Please note that the housing agreement is for both Fall and Spring semesters (one year). If you apply for on-campus housing but change your mind, you must cancel the agreement by the indicated deadlines of the cancellation policy (July 1st) or you will be assessed all fees for the entire term. This also applies if you are only attending for Fall, and you need to cancel the Spring part of the contract (since all contracts are for one year). Please pay attention to deadlines!

Applying for On-Campus Housing

  • Log into your MyFIU account (
  • In the ‘Campus Resource’ Section, click on ‘Student Housing’
  • Click on ‘Fall 2018 – Spring 2019 Housing Agreement’
    • Note: the housing contract is an annual long contract (including both Fall 2018 & Spring 2019 terms). If you are exchanging for Fall-term only, you will have the option to cancel the Spring-portion of the housing contract during the Fall-term at FIU
  • Please be sure to select at least 4 options for room-type preferences under the tab titled, ‘Assignment Preferences’
    • Note: only Panther Hall and Lake View Hall require the selection of a meal plan. Meal plans are optional for all other room-types
  • You must agree to the Housing terms and conditions by clicking “I agree”
  • You will be required to pay online for the $100 Agreement Processing Fee (nonrefundable)

Fall 2018 Housing assignments will be processed by end-of-July. Please monitor your FIU email (Panthermail) as the Housing office will email your housing assignment details, payment options and deadlines!

Housing Deferment for Financial Aid recipients

Housing Deferment for Financial Aid recipients for full or partial payment of Fall-term Housing fees may be requested by submitting the following:

  • a copy of your official notification of financial aid award, include your name, Panther ID, and identify yourself as “National Student Exchange”
  • include the number of credit hours you are expecting to take during Fall-term at FIU and
  • the tuition rate that you will be paying to either your Home School (Plan-B) or FIU (Plan-A)
  • Submit all housing deferral requests to Ms. Susy Sanchez via email: or mail: FIU, Housing Office, 121 Modesto A. Maidique Towers, Miami, Florida 33199

Payment Plan Installments

  • Payment Plans are available to allow those students who would like to make installment payments towards their housing balance any time after the housing charges have posted on their MyFIU ( account. The payment plan breaks down the total housing charge amount into three (3) installments. There is a $50.00 fee assessed for this service.
  • Students who want to use the payment plan option must submit their personalized Payment Plan Form to the Housing Office as soon as they receive their Housing invoice. Please contact the Housing Office to obtain your personalized Payment Plan Form. The payment plan must be approved by Housing for it to be in effect. Once approved, the student will be given a copy with the three installment amounts and the respective due dates.
  • Always identify yourself as ‘National Student Exchange’ and include your Panther ID number.

Please be reminded that on-campus housing assignments at FIU are never guaranteed. If the room-type preferences you have requested was not available, they will assign you an alternative space. Please refer to the Undergraduate Housing Agreement terms and Conditions as it refers to assignments…they do not guarantee a room type or building. Due to high student-demands, on-campus housing at FIU is VERY limited. You should feel privileged if you have been offered a space. Not everyone gets one!

You may contact the Housing & Residential Life office directly at (305) 348-4190 or or Always identify yourself as “NSE” and provide your Panther ID number.

Refer to the academic calendar for housing check-in dates. Early housing check-in is available for those students arriving before the NSE Orientation. Please email the housing office at in order to plan early check-in procedures. NOTE: identify yourself as “NSE” and provide your Panther ID number.

All students in university housing complexes need to obtain a current semester housing parking decal from the Department of Parking and Traffic ( This is in addition to the FIU parking decal that all students must obtain. This decal allows the vehicle to be parked legally in student housing areas. This decal is valid for the current semester only. This housing sticker should be affixed to the left or right side of the current FIU student parking decal.

For off-campus housing please refer to the Commuter Student Services Forum web-site at


Some housing plans at Modesto A. Maidique campus include meal plans. Meal plans may be viewed and purchased at Meal plans may be purchased separately if you select a room that does not include meals. Please refer to the Panther Dining web site for detailed dining information.