What is the length of the exchange?

Studens may participate for a single semester or a full academic year. Some campuses can accommodate summer exchange. The maximum cumulative total for exchange participation may not exceed one calendar year.

What are the costs?

  • There are two tuition payment plans utilized by NSE:
    • Plan A: you pay the resident (in-state or in-province) tuition/fees to your host campus.
    • Plan B: you pay your normal tuition/fees to FIU.

    On both tuition payment plans, fees which are assessed as a condition of enrollment (e.g., laboratory courses, general service, computer, technology, art and photography supplies) are paid to your host campus.

  • Room and meals are always paid to your host campus. You are responsible for transportation, personal expenses, and sightseeing opportunities while on exchange.

What are the financial conditions?

With some exceptions, financial aid for eligible students is applied for, awarded by, and disbursed from the U.S. campus at which tuition/fee are paid.

How do I work out grades and credits?

FIU determines the manner in which your host campus courses are distributed and grades are recorded. Prior to exchange, a written advising agreement form will be completed with your FIU advisor.

What is the application process?

Students must attend an information session in order to receive an NSE application package. The NSE application requirements are as follow: the NSE application, a non-refundable application fee, a current transcript, two letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and a personal interview.

NSE Students are FIU students studying at other campuses – Not Transfer Students.