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Online Registration

Fall 2020 Online Registration Dates: April  – August 7, 2020

Students will not be able to register until their Immunization HOLD has been satisfied with FIU.

 NSE students have priority access to register online for Fall 2020. Please take advantage of this priority opportunity since course registration is not guaranteed and is based on availability! register now! You can change your schedule at any time until the end of Add/Drop in January!

  • Students will not receive registration access for closed (full) courses. Students must have an active MyFIU account including a Panther ID number and password for online registration

Students will register online via their MyFIU student-account for any undergraduate courses (1000-4000 level) in which DO NOT have a pre-requisite listed. Please check with the FIU undergraduate catalog to confirm any pre-requisites. You should email the FIU-NSE Office if you plan to take any courses with pre-requisites (instructions listed below). Please note, any courses within the 5000-level (i.e. FIU 5010) and above are graduate-level courses. At FIU, NSE students are not eligible to enroll in graduate-level courses.

Online Registration Instructions

NSE students will register online with priority during the scheduled registration period assigned by the NSE office (see NSE academic calendar for specific dates). Students must have an active Panthersoft account including a Panther ID number and password for online registration. Students can access online tutorials to learn how to use our registration system.

  • We recommend that you visit FIU Onestop to familiarize yourself with our registration system (MyFIU) and read through the instructions on how to sign up for classes and add/drop classes.
  • NSE Students have access to register themselves online via their MyFIU account, as long as the courses do not have a pre-requisite requirement.
  • When choosing your classes, please remember that we have two main campuses—Modesto A. Maidique Campus (MMC) in South Miami and Biscayne Bay Campus (BBC) in North Miami.


Pre-requisites for Courses

NSE students are responsible for providing adequate proof of pre-requisites with course descriptions and/or official transcripts from their home school in order to register for courses within their major of study.

If you identify from our course catalog classes with prerequisites, please contact the FIU-NSE Office, with ANTICIPATION so I can further assist you with contacting the academic department and registering for those courses.

If you are planning to register for any courses with a pre-requisite please email the FIU-NSE office a list of those courses, including the five-digit course/section number for each course.

The five-digit course number will identify the course-section of your interest (For example: class #32123section U01, Instructor John Doe, Tu,Th 2-3:15pm).

Thereafter, our office will work directly with the appropriate academic departments to assign your registration permission for those specific sections, in which will allow you to register yourself online. Such courses may require departmental prerequisite verification/equivalency checks.

Although you have sent in transcripts, your courses are not inputted into our system and your prerequisites will not automatically be recognized. Course descriptions can be retrieved from the online undergraduate catalog.

Exchange students are responsible for providing adequate proof of pre-requisites with course descriptions and/or official transcripts from their home school in order to register for courses within their major of study.

Business and Accounting Courses

Those students needing to enroll in business/accounting courses (including accounting, management, marketing, finance, real-estate, MIS, International business, HR management, business calculus, or business statistics) must follow the instructions below:

  1. Complete, sign and list selected FIU business courses on the FIU Registration form (attached to my email), including the 5-digit reference (class) numbers.
  2. Student’s home campus academic advisor or Dean’s signature is required on the add/drop form for approval.
  3. Students must return (via fax or email) their approved add/drop form to the FIU-NSE office. There are no guarantees that the section of your choice will be available, please provide alternate choices.
  4. Such forms will be processed by the FIU College of Business staff.
  5. Students may periodically check their online course schedule (via MyFIU student account) for verification of enrollment into selected business courses.

Important Business and Accounting Notes

  1. Once registration is processed for business courses, if students choose to edit their schedule, the above process must be repeated.
  2. Accounting Majors: All upper-level Accounting courses (ACG 4101: Financial Accounting I and higher) require an entrance exam which is only offered at FIU (in-person only).
  3. You may also visit the FIU College of Business web site. 

FIU Campus Locations

Exchange students may enroll for courses offered at both FIU campuses: Biscayne Bay and Modesto A. Maidique.

Keep in mind that the travel time between the two campuses is at least 50 minute drive, depending on traffic.

The Panther Express Shuttle is a bus service that runs approximately every half-hour between the two campuses, Monday through Friday. The Panther Express is currently free for enrolled students. For more information on the Golden Panther Express please visit FIU Parking & Transportation.

Please refer to FIU Parking for the shuttle schedule or contact them at 305-348-3616 for more information.

Tickets for Miami-Dade buses may be purchased by CASH only at the Department of Parking and Transportation at Modesto A. Maidique Campus and the Wolfe University Center Information Desk at Biscayne Bay Campus. For information on Miami-Dade County buses, please visit Tri-Rail.